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Today, you don’t have to go to a casino in person to get a taste of the atmosphere there. Online casinos take you to real gaming tables with live croupiers in their live lounges with video streaming. For decades, however, there was only one way to get into the casino world without visiting a casino yourself: Movies about casinos. We present in the following gambling movies on Netflix. If you can’t find them there temporarily, it could be that the streaming service’s license for them has expired and they haven’t renewed it yet.

1. “Ocean’s 11” – One of the best casino movies on Netflix

This 2011 global hit is a remake of the 1960-era film of the same name and shines with a star-studded cast. Director Stephen Soderbergh delivered a masterpiece with it, which became the fifth most successful movie in its release year, earning $450 million. The plot is quite simple and spiced with a lot of humor: Danny Ocean is released from prison and immediately assembles a squad of master thieves to rob three Las Vegas casinos at once, which belong to his old rival Terry Benedict. The script from the hand of Ted Griffith pays great attention to the credible portrayal of each character and presents geniuses of crime. “Ocean’s 11” is not, however, a typical gangster film. Soderbergh remains true to his weakness for the glamorous Hollywood style.

2. “21” – One of the best blackjack movies on Netflix

This 2008 film was a box office hit, but highly controversial. The movie plot borrows from the true story of the MIT Blackjack Team, a highly successful group of card counters, as described by Ben Mezrich in his book “Bringing Down the House.” The team is made up of brilliant students who use secret signals to communicate with each other at the card table. Director Robert Luketic, known for such films as “Legally Blonde” and “The Ugly Truth,” bases his film aesthetically on Martin Scorsese, David Fincher, and others.

3. “Casino” – A classic of gambling movies on Netflix

In 1995, this masterpiece by Martin Scorsese thrilled audiences and film critics alike. It takes us into mafia machinations in Las Vegas, at the center of which is Sam “Ace” Rothstein as the casino operator, an authentic character whose life the strip is based on. The nearly three-hour film lets us peer into a whole range of broken lives with unsparing candor and is another example of Scorsese’s successful collaboration with great actor Robert de Niro.

4. “Croupier” – One of the most unconventional Netflix casino movies

If you’ve always wanted to see the world of gambling from the perspective of a professional dealer, then ‘Croupier’ is for you. This film explores the dark side of the gambling world by painting a rather unusual portrait of the casino world – at least the part we’re used to seeing on the big screens.

Director Mike Hodge has written a story told from the dealer’s point of view. Unlike many other casino movies, the film stays away from the luxurious casinos of the Las Vegas Strip and other casino cities and focuses on smaller card rooms in London where people don’t just gamble for their paychecks. In Croupier, the audience is presented with a cold and rough gambling world, and the luxurious world of a high roller casino seems far, far away.

5 “Guns, Girls and Gambling” – The strangest of the gambling movies on Netflix

No, you can’t speak of a masterpiece in the case of this movie released in 2012. It is aimed at all those who liked its predecessor “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”. The plot around main character John Smith (Christian Slater) takes many audacious turns. Among other things, we witness a card game between Elvis doubles. Finally, everything leads to a wild chase for an Indian mask. Sounds strange? It is strange! The film quotes scenes from the works of director Quentin Tarantino, but doesn’t reach their class by far. Still, the whole thing is entertaining.


6: “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” – Best of the Poker Movies on Netflix

Here we have to do with a cult comedy by Guy Ritchie, which does not take itself quite seriously. The plot focuses on the theft of two antique firearms, the proceeds of which will serve to pay off poker debts. The 1998 film is characterized by slightly chaotic direction, but this does justice to its sarcastic tone. It shows a poker game whose consequences amaze both the people involved and the viewer.

7. The Gambler – The most artistic of the casino movies on Netflix

Released in 2014, this remake of a 1974 crime film under the same title is dedicated to the darker side of the passion for gambling. The main character is Jim Bennett, a university professor whose gambling addiction gets him into trouble. He gets entangled in heavy debts. The film shows his efforts to get rid of them. The strip is full of symbolic meanings and refers to many works of literature and visual arts.

8. Mississippi Grind – One of the more recent poker movies on Netflix

This 2015 title is considered one of the best gambling movies of the past few years. However, it doesn’t take us to the sophisticated casino world, but rather tells the story of two poker players traveling from tournament to tournament in the style of a road movie. The dramatic climax is a high-risk poker round in New Orleans. The film strives to be a character study of gamblers without disregarding elements of humor.

9. Casino Royale – The Bond hit of gambling movies on Netflix

As always, Daniel Craig saves the world as secret agent James Bond in this hit 2006 film, this time with a poker game. The flick contains all the ingredients you’d expect from a Bond movie, including a supervillain. This time it’s Le Chiffre, financier of global terrorism. In 1967 a Bond film was already released under the same title. It was a bit more humorous (among other things, it starred the comedian Peter Sellers) and was centered around a game of Baccarat. Both card games have a large following and can also be found online at casino sites.

Poker at the highest level and with the highest stakes is the theme of this 1998 film, which describes the attempt of two friends (Matt Damon and Edward Norton) to pay off their gambling debts. To do so, they engage in high-risk rounds of poker. Against this background, the film shows the highest heights and lowest valleys of gambling passion. It reflects the poker boom around the turn of the millennium and attaches great importance to portraying the events at the gaming table as authentically as possible.

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