Manipulation of slot machines

Slot machines do not require any knowledge of gambling, and anyone can enter the game with a very small bet. Especially in online casinos, slot machines are among the absolute perennial favorites. One reason for this may be the simple and uncomplicated entry that this game variant offers.

Almost all slot machine players have certainly thought to themselves while playing: How nice it would be if I could manipulate the slot machine now to win really a lot of money. We have searched for tricks to manipulate the slots and summarized for you how to crack slot machines.

The secret of slot machines: this is how much system luck needs

Those who like to try their luck on the reels from time to time or are simply fascinated by the mechanisms behind the game will wonder whether it is really just chance that rules here or whether there is something to the myth that slot machines work according to a certain system that can be figured out in order to increase one’s own chances of winning.

One thing right away: The perfect system to be successful at slot machines does not exist. The gaming systems on which the machines are built are far too different for that. Depending on the brand and game variant, the mechanisms that decide the weal and woe of the players can be very differentiated.

Nevertheless, it can be quite exciting to take a look behind the scenes of modern slot machines and learn how slot machines work in the first place, how the winning systems of slot machines work, and, of course, how this background knowledge can be used to increase the chances of winning and have extra fun at the slot machine.

The system behind the win

Even though the game variations can be very different, slot machines are initially based on a very simple and uniform system: there is a fixed number of reels, on which an equally fixed number of different symbols are distributed. With each new spin of the reels, a symbol combination is created that decides whether you win or lose.

The larger the prize to be paid out, the smaller the probability that the necessary combination will appear.

For a visit to an arcade or online casino, this means that if a slot machine pays out frequent winnings, these are usually rather modest. Machines with a high payout rate rarely show the coveted jackpot symbols. Nevertheless, those who would like to try their luck on the colorful reels should do so. Slot machines are an interesting diversion and can certainly provide an extra euro or two, as long as the game is not taken too seriously and does not devour a financial budget that is needed elsewhere.

The thing with the random principle

Basically, when playing slot machines, the principle of chance strikes. Here, it is all about mathematical probabilities and when which symbol will appear in each slot on the reel. However, players should know that their chances of winning are not distributed quite randomly. Those who assume that at the beginning of each game, each reel is started individually and stopped randomly are making a mistake in most cases. However, this assumption would be necessary in order to actually be able to assume classical mathematical probabilities when determining the chances of winning.

In fact, however, most slot machines are based on a system that precisely determines the frequency of winning combinations and the associated winnings in percentage terms. This is done through a probability algorithm, which can vary greatly in each slot machine and especially from brand to brand. So at the beginning of a game, the programming of the reels already determines which combination will come out in the end. So much for the true random principle.

In the second half of the 20th century, slot machines experienced a real boom. From then on, they could not be missing in any game room. However, with this boom also came the first fraudsters who tried to crack slot machines by manipulation. They proved it: It is quite possible to hack the functions of the machines. Even today, some players still try it.

But we can take the wind right out of your sails: You are liable to prosecution if you tamper with a slot machine.

Any interference with a slot machine is punished by the courts. In most cases, the punishment is a short prison sentence or a high fine.

However, if you unknowingly play on a manipulated slot machine, the arcade operator must prove that you are responsible for the manipulation.

How do you manipulate slot machines?

In the past, there have been many cases of manipulation of slot machines. Here, methods were used to falsify the mechanical functions or disable them completely. Nowadays, it is more difficult to manipulate virtual slots in online casinos. It requires special software or bugs in the machines.

Manipulate slot machines with magnet

We don’t want to give you any instructions on how to manipulate slot machines with magnets, we just want to explain what the magnet does to the machine and why you can crack it that way. In advance, we can also state: This method is only something for real professional cheaters because it is not that easy to manipulate a land-based slot machine with a magnet.

You need to know exactly how the slot machine is constructed and how it works. The so-called stops, i.e. when the reels stop, are crucial. With the magnet, you can influence which symbols stop and when. It takes a lot of skill to manipulate the slot machine in this way.

Not only is this method quite cumbersome and requires a lot of dexterity, but it is also extremely conspicuous. Every casino operator will notice if you suddenly sit in front of the machine with something that is not a coin and look at the display even more eagerly than usual. So it’s best to leave it alone.

Manipulation by inserting and ejecting money

This manipulation of slot machines is about influencing coin insertion. To do this, you don’t need a marked coin, but you have to trick the machine into thinking that you have made a deposit. After inserting the coin, use a barely visible thread to pull it back out of the slot.

This method can also be quickly discovered, especially since it is one of the best-known methods and gambling house owners have taken certain precautions to prevent this kind of foreign interference. As nice as it sounds to play “free” rounds at the slot machine, the fun can quickly come to a nasty end for you.

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Can online slots be manipulated?

For several years, the market of online gambling has been growing and growing. Virtual slots such as those from Merkur, Novoline, NetEnt or Microgaming play a particularly large role in this, as they are very popular with many players. After a dry spell, you have probably asked yourself: Is it possible to manipulate slot machines on the Internet?

Manipulating slot machines with cell phone software

Yes, manipulating slot machines with cell phones is indeed possible, at least that’s what many online casino operators report. With a special app or software, even novice cheaters can hack virtual machines. So with the right program, it seems to be very easy to do something illegal.

That’s right, you’re also committing a crime when manipulating slot machines with a cell phone app. Who is supposed to notice this on the Internet? The online casino providers themselves. They work with extra software that immediately detects the fraud and fends off the attack. We cannot confirm that manipulating slot machines with key combinations works.

Using slot machine bugs for your own benefit

Since online slots are becoming more and more complex, programming errors can creep in faster. You can take advantage of them and trick the slot machine. However, there are other tips and tricks that you can use to achieve the highest possible winnings on the machines – and even legally.

How to recognize manipulation of slot machines

If you are sitting at a slot machine in a land-based casino and notice that something is not working as usual, it could be that the machine has been tampered with before. Sometimes a coin is stuck or a wire or thread is peeking out of the coin slot. Tell a member of staff immediately that someone has tried to tamper with the machine.

It is also possible that the machine is generally damaged, and the display is flickering. If you always see the same results on the reels and there is no prize waiting for you, there is probably something wrong. You can also recognize manipulation if the betting display always shows the same value, even though you have inserted different amounts of coins.

Conclusion: Manipulating slot machines works, but is punishable by law

As you can see, it is possible to crack slot machines. Machines in land-based casinos can be tricked using various methods. Among other things, you can use a magnet or influence the insertion of money. However, it is not recommended to try any of these options, as you will be liable to prosecution for any foreign interference and the casino operators will recognize the fraud.

You can also hack online slot machines, although this will probably be detected even faster, as special programs are now used to detect manipulations.

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